Monday, 31 August 2009

Nexion II - Preview

Granma Pelvis - by Nulsh:Roachwell: TK Maxx - by Craig Collins and Iain Laurie:

The Phantom Babe Stripper of Old London Town Plaza - by John Alexander and Curt Sibling:

Nexion II - Preview:

Faith Invaders - by Curt Sibling:
Buster Cherry and the Hooker Horde from Mars - by Dave Gordon:

Nexion II - available now!

Nexion II available now - still more madness with strips by Curt Sibling, Iain Laurie, Rob Miller, Nulsch, Jon Miller, Dave Gordon, Jim Stewart and many other fine talents from the Scottish comics underground:

Click on the cover on the right, or here:

68 pages of black and white horror, sci-fi and weirdness. Get your copy of Nexion comic!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Review in The List

Review of Nexion I in The List:

Review by The List's comics mastermind Henry Northmore. Thanks for the review Henry!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Review on Comicbitsonline

A review of Nexion on ComicBitsOnline:

ComicBitsOnline is the review site of the venerable Terry Hooper aka The Prof aka the Un-Person. Thanks for the review, Terry!


Total Fear: There's Norway Out! - by Curt Sibling
The Lonely Ballad of Pistol Nipples - by Craig Collins and Rab Thomson


Buster Cherry - by Dave Gordon

High Rise in Hell City - by John Miller


Fowl and Charon: A Powwkipsie Adventure - by Iain Laurie
Major Des Truction - by Dr. Simpo and Dave Alexander


Snowbound - by Sean Wilson and Jim Stewart

Schattenmutter - by Iamus

Monday, 27 April 2009

Nexion Comic

Out Now!

68 pages of manic cartoon scribblings from a twisted cadre of
comic chaos-mongers! Nexion is A4 size, with a colour cover
and glorious black and white artwork inside. An offbeat
underground anthology, forged in the dark pits of the
Scottish comic scene!

With strips by Zander, Dave Gordon, Iain Laurie, Rob Miller,
Nulsch, Jon Miller, Curt Sibling and many other fine talents,
it is a cartoon visual lawnmower ride of doom!

Nexion features an astounding cover by underground
comics legend, Zander! The comic is now available on
Lulu, check the link below to order a copy!

Get your copy of Nexion comic!